Reviews and Responses for Like Sound Through Water


“Karen Foli's book has the cadence and the eminent readability of a best-selling novel… The power in Foli's work does not rest only with the details of her story—although those are gripping on their own. She is also able to make some strong statements about the power of standardized tests, and how these tests can result in potentially damaging labels….

At the end of her book, Foli provides a basic checklist to determine whether a child may have APD, but she cautions that this is a very heterogeneous disorder with a constellation of different symptoms. In the end, what worked for Ben was not any one treatment but rather incorporation of many different types of therapies. This multi-faceted approach takes time, money and the patience of a loving household. Treating, even diagnosing, the child with Auditory Processing Disorder is a long and difficult journey, but Karen Foli's book provides a welcome and informative oasis along the path.”


"Superbly written for both parents and professionals; the book is extremely readable with all technical terms and programs explained in very clear detail...

As a speech/language pathologist, at times I admit I felt embarrassed with the way this mom was treated by people in my own field. I found myself nodding along with certain passages that described Dr. Foli's queries regarding testing, diagnosis, treatment, expanded programming to home and school going without either answers or, in some cases, going without even acknowledgment. This book was written from an 'analytic heart;' Dr. Foli's emotions stayed well balanced with her ability to continually incorporate her intellectual self in finding answers for her son. I would very highly recommend this book to parents, educators, support services and administrators in school systems. This would also be an excellent choice for required reading at the graduate level in any field that deals with diagnosing, treatment plans, and educating parents and fellow professionals about auditory processing disorders."
-Review by MaryAlice Stone, SLP-CCCP


“What an incredible book! In it, Karen Foli describes her painful five-year ‘Journey Through Auditory Processing Disorder’ with her small son Ben. She gives the reader a window into the family's daily life and her own perspective on events… Foli does not gush, but her restrained style only emphasizes the love and support the author and her husband clearly have for young Ben.

Parents of children with any kind of learning difficulty or other special needs, will be able to relate to the experiences of this author and to empathize with her feelings. Those who are fortunate enough to have avoided such problems with their kids can still share and appreciate the journey that the author took, one which tested her ‘again and again’.”

- Review by Hilary Williamson


“Foli's LIKE SOUND THROUGH WATER is a mother's account of her family's struggle with APD in her oldest son, Ben. Her account reads like a novel and is thoroughly engaging while providing a wealth of information. Foli clearly shows the pain misdiagnosis and clinical inaccuracies can cause. This is mostly a success story with an upbeat ending. The resource section in the back is a bonus.”

- Review by KellyJo Houtz Griffin, Eatonville, WA
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“My ParenTime highly recommends “Like Sound Through Water”—the author’s words speak to the reader like a close friend. It'll bring you on an emotional, personal and triumphant journey of a mother's struggle to find answers about her son. You'll understand how powerful a mother's love and devotion is, and you'll also learn a great deal about auditory processing disorder.”
- Review by My ParenTime


“Foli tells a loving story, but the first half of it, about events before her son, Ben, was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder (APD), is full of frustration. Although a nurse with a Ph.D. in communication, she didn't suspect what the problem was, for neither she nor her psychiatrist husband, John, had heard of APD. Foli concludes the practical, heartwarming book with the observation that each APD child is different and must be treated as an individual.”

- Reviewed by William Beatty
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Comments from Parents and Professionals:

“Thank you for the hope. Your story has meant the world to me.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful book you wrote. I am a speech-language pathologist who works with young children, many with or suspected auditory processing disorders. For the first time, I feel that I have read a book that was right on the mark when it describes a child's struggles and successes to over come their auditory processing difficulties. Also, I am thankful for how you described your feelings and struggles as a mother who would never “give up” on her son.

For years I sat on the other side of the “Collective Mom” wondering just what the family is feeling and thinking. You gave such a great explanation about your family’s feelings as well as the other families who provided their story as a case study. I believe this book was a wealth of knowledge for me as a professional, because while reading your book I was seeing the struggle and unending love from the Collective Mom side. Thank you once again.”

“My mom, my daughter’s constant helper and unofficial shadow teacher at school, is half-way through your book and she keeps breaking into tears—someone understands! We have something to hand to my child’s teachers and share with her therapists! We have new ideas to pursue. And we have hope.”

“I am an adult student and graduate clinician in a master's program for SLP's. I just wanted to thank you for writing your book. It has provoked so much sadness and anger in me on your family's and especially your son's behalf. It is a very educational book -- both technically and in terms of the emotional struggles you describe. Because I think it is so important for students and professionals to see an account written from a parent's point of view, and because I think you tell your story so well, I plan on recommending the book to everyone in the department. I believe your book is going to be an important contribution to my field - it presents important lessons about sensitivity, competence, and professionalism.”

“With your book you have somehow made my family’s journey valid. You are a lighthouse in my ocean.”

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I am a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing and have on my case load two students with APD and possibly two more by next year. I have gathered many resources regarding APD but have not found something that describes the variety of issues involved in having a child with APD and even working with a student with APD. I am planning on sharing your book with many professionals and parents.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I also thought that my son would eventually outgrow his Cookie Monster talk…. I began to do research and cannot tell you how much your book has meant to me. Without it, I would not have had the information to realize that my son also suffers slightly from APD. Thank you for being the Collective, Tiger Mom. I am one, too, and only hope that I can do the title justice.”

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